SAT4J 2.3.1 API

User level: stable public API
org.sat4j Contains a command line launcher for the SAT solvers.
org.sat4j.core Implementation of the data structures available in org.sat4j.specs.
org.sat4j.csp Classes needed for CSP to SAT translation.
org.sat4j.csp.constraints Classes needed for CSP to SAT translation.
org.sat4j.maxsat MAXSAT and Weighted Max SAT framework.
org.sat4j.maxsat.reader Some utility classes to read problems from plain text files.
org.sat4j.minisat Implementation of the MiniSAT specification in Java.
org.sat4j.opt Built-in optimization framework.
org.sat4j.reader Some utility classes to read problems from plain text files.
org.sat4j.specs Those classes are intented for users dealing with SAT solvers as blackboxes. Tools to be used on top of an ISolver. Implementation of an explanation engine in case of unsatisfiability.


Developer level: internal API, subject to change
org.sat4j.minisat.constraints Implementations of various constraints for MiniSAT.
org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.card Implementations of cardinality contraints.
org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.cnf Implementations of clausal contraints.
org.sat4j.minisat.core Implementation of the MiniSAT solver skeleton.
org.sat4j.minisat.learning Various learning strategies.
org.sat4j.minisat.orders Various heuristics to select the next variable to branch on.
org.sat4j.minisat.restarts Various restart strategies.
org.sat4j.pb.constraints.pb Implementations of pseudo boolean contraints.


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