Package org.sat4j.reader

Some utility classes to read problems from plain text files.


Interface Summary
Reader A reader is responsible to feed an ISolver from a text file and to convert the model found by the solver to a textual representation.

Class Summary
CardDimacsReader Deprecated.
CSPReader This class is a CSP to SAT translator that is able to read a CSP problem using the First CSP solver competition input format and that translates it into clausal and cardinality (equality) constraints.
DimacsReader Very simple Dimacs file parser.
ExtendedDimacsReader Reader for the Extended Dimacs format proposed by Fahiem Bacchus and Toby Walsh.
GoodOPBReader This class is a quick hack to read opb formatted files.
InstanceReader An reader having the responsability to choose the right reader according to the input.
LecteurDimacs Dimacs Reader written by Frederic Laihem.
ObjectiveFunction Abstraction for an Objective Function for Pseudo Boolean Optimization.
OPBReader2005 "Official" reader for the Pseudo Boolean evaluation 2005.

Exception Summary
ParseFormatException Exception launched when there is a problem during parsing.

Package org.sat4j.reader Description

Some utility classes to read problems from plain text files.