Uses of Interface

Packages that use Propagatable
org.sat4j.minisat.constraints Implementations of various constraints for MiniSAT. 
org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.card Implementations of cardinality contraints. 
org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.cnf Implementations of clausal contraints. 
org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.pb Implementations of pseudo boolean contraints. 
org.sat4j.minisat.core Implementation of the MiniSAT solver skeleton. 

Uses of Propagatable in org.sat4j.minisat.constraints

Methods in org.sat4j.minisat.constraints that return types with arguments of type Propagatable
 IVec<Propagatable> ClausalDataStructureCB.getWatchesFor(int p)
 IVec<Propagatable> AbstractDataStructureFactory.getWatchesFor(int p)

Uses of Propagatable in org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.card

Classes in org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.card that implement Propagatable
 class AtLeast
 class MaxWatchCard
 class MinWatchCard

Uses of Propagatable in org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.cnf

Classes in org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.cnf that implement Propagatable
 class BinaryClauses
 class CBClause
 class MixableCBClause
          Counter Based clauses that can be mixed with WLCLauses
 class TernaryClauses
 class WLClause
          Lazy data structure for clause using Watched Literals.

Methods in org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.cnf that return types with arguments of type Propagatable
 IVec<Propagatable> lit)

Methods in org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.cnf with parameters of type Propagatable
 void lit, Propagatable c)

Uses of Propagatable in org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.pb

Subinterfaces of Propagatable in org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.pb
 interface PBConstr

Classes in org.sat4j.minisat.constraints.pb that implement Propagatable
 class AtLeastPB
 class MaxWatchPb
 class MinWatchCardPB
 class MinWatchPb
 class MixableCBClausePB
 class PuebloMinWatchPb
 class WatchPb
 class WLClausePB

Uses of Propagatable in org.sat4j.minisat.core

Subinterfaces of Propagatable in org.sat4j.minisat.core
 interface Constr

Methods in org.sat4j.minisat.core that return types with arguments of type Propagatable
 IVec<Propagatable> DataStructureFactory.getWatchesFor(int p)
 IVec<Propagatable> lit)

Methods in org.sat4j.minisat.core with parameters of type Propagatable
 void lit, Propagatable c)