Package org.sat4j

Contain a command line launcher for the SAT solvers.


Class Summary
AbstractLauncher That class is used by launchers used to solve decision problems, i.e. problems with YES/NO/UNKNOWN answers.
AbstractOptimizationLauncher This class is intended to be used by launchers to solve optimization problems, i.e. problems for which a loop is needed to find the optimal solution.
Lanceur This class is used to launch the SAT solvers from the command line.
LanceurPseudo2005 Launcher especially dedicated to the pseudo boolean 05 evaluation (@link
Messages That class is intented to manage internationalisation within the application.
MoreThanSAT This is an example of use of the SAT4J library for computing the backbone of a CNF or to compute the number of solutions of a CNF.

Enum Summary
ExitCode Enumeration allowing to manage easily exit code for the SAT and PB Competitions.

Package org.sat4j Description

Contain a command line launcher for the SAT solvers.