Class Minimal4CardinalityModel

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All Implemented Interfaces:, IProblem, ISolver

public class Minimal4CardinalityModel
extends SolverDecorator

Computes models with a minimal number (with respect to cardinality) of negative literals. This is done be adding a constraint on the number of negative literals each time a model if found (the number of negative literals occuring in the model minus one).

See Also:
ISolver.addAtMost(IVecInt, int), Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
Minimal4CardinalityModel(ISolver solver)
Method Summary
 int[] model()
          Provide a model (if any) for a satisfiable formula.
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Constructor Detail


public Minimal4CardinalityModel(ISolver solver)
solver -
Method Detail


public int[] model()
Description copied from interface: IProblem
Provide a model (if any) for a satisfiable formula. That method should be called AFTER isSatisfiable() if the formula is satisfiable. Else an exception UnsupportedOperationException is launched.

Specified by:
model in interface IProblem
model in class SolverDecorator
a model of the formula as an array of literals to satisfy.