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Packages that use SolverDecorator
org.sat4j.opt Optimization extensions. Tools to be used on top of an ISolver. 

Uses of SolverDecorator in org.sat4j.opt

Subclasses of SolverDecorator in org.sat4j.opt
 class MaxSatDecorator
 class MinOneDecorator
          Computes a solution with the smallest number of satisfied literals.
 class PseudoOptDecorator
 class WeightedMaxSatDecorator

Uses of SolverDecorator in

Subclasses of SolverDecorator in
 class Minimal4CardinalityModel
          Computes models with a minimal number (with respect to cardinality) of negative literals.
 class Minimal4InclusionModel
          Computes models with a minimal subset (with respect to set inclusion) of negative literals.
 class ModelIterator
          That class allows to iterate through all the models (implicants) of a formula.
 class SATRaceDecorator
 class SingleSolutionDetector
          This solver decorator allows to detect whether or not the set of constraints available in the solver has only one solution or not.
 class SolutionCounter
          Another solver decorator that counts the number of solutions.